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Case Study Intro

Your client is faced with dramatic changes in the industry. As it adjusts its strategy, reacts to changes and anticipates future changes, it is concerned about its ability to keep its employees prepared for the challenges they will face. The client is also concerned about its traditional approach to learning and development and has questions about the return on investment of its programs.

Your team was retained to help assess the effectiveness of the organizations learning center, develop a go forward learning strategy, and to select and implement an “appropriate” enterprise learning management system (LMS) solution that will allow the client‘s learning center to successfully execute its learning strategy while simplifying its operational processes and allowing it to scale for future growth.

What approach would you take to assessing the client‘s current learning capabilities and developing the go forward strategy? What issues would you consider regarding the selection and implementation of the Learning Management System?

Case Study Overview

In this Deloitte human capital case study, you have been assigned to assess your client’s L&D processes, and to identify a relevant LMS (learning management system) for the company to use/implement.

Because this case is a human capital case, the approach to solve it must be different than a typical strategy case. Here the focus isn‘t so much on the bottom line as it is on the approach needed to manage the proposed changes in the organization. However do not abandon the use of a framework. Structure is just as important when working with human capital as it is with financial capital.

This Deloitte human capital case study is like a case you might see in a first round at Deloitte Human Capital. As could be expected, there are no math diagrams in the case.

Interview Tips: Deloitte Human Capital

What does Deloitte HC value in its candidates? The ability to blend business strategy and HR skills.

In this Deloitte human capital case study, make sure your upfront case structure is sound, and that you convey a degree of comfort with the human relations part of the case.

One more tip: focus on the verbalization of your structure. Clear communication is critical, especially in the HR/HC practice areas.

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