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Market sizing consulting sizes are the recommended way to start off your case interview prep. Ready to jump into this one?

Case Study Intro

There is a large cube made of many smaller sugar cubes that are sitting in the sun. Each side of the cube is made up of a 10×10 surface of the smaller cubes.

How many sugar cubes are exposed to the sun?

Case Overview

In this market sizing case / Brainteaser, you’re being asked a question meant to test both your analytical and creative thinking abilities. You must solve the case by breaking down the solution into component parts.

Follow these 4 steps to solve Market Sizing cases / brainteasers:

  1. Structure your approach (5 or more steps is best)
  2. Make assumptions
  3. Run the numbers
  4. Get to an insight

You’ll find the answer inside the case study – how did you do?

This case is something you might see in a round 0 phone interview, or as a smaller component of another case (i.e. an M&A case with a Market Sizing element). Consulting cases like this challenge you to think outside the box (no pun intended)!

Bain Interview Tips

What does Bain look for in its case interview candidates? Practicality.

Make sure the structure you build consists of work-streams that you, as a potential Manager, would assign out to your team of analysts.

Make the most out of this case by coming away with 1 key takeaway / area of growth.

Book time with a consulting interview coach who can help you refine your preparation process. Grab more consulting cases at the link below.

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