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Case Intro

Your client produces strawberry jam for the US market. It experienced declining profits last year.

Industry profitability has been stable. The client is the market leader and has the strongest brand. Competition is unchanged from previous years.

Client was profitable before the last year. Only last year has profitability been disappointing.

Consumers are price sensitive, but brand loyal.

Roland Berger has been hired to investigate what caused the decline in profitability and what to do about it. What would you recommend looking into?

Case Overview

In this Roland Berger case study, your client has a declining profitability issue. Your job is to dig into the profitability, determine the root causes, and ultimately, provide a recommendation for how to resolve the issue.

You can use the Profitability Framework to help build out your structure for the case, but don’t become reliant on the basic frameworks. Use your creativity and knowledge of the frameworks to create a custom structure tailored to the business problem in the case.

This Roland Berger case study will put you in line to succeed in a first round interview at RB. There is 1 math diagram in the case to analyze and interpret.

Roland Berger Interview Tips

Roland Berger looks for candidates with an ability to think critically on their feet. In addition, the firm is more focused on technical knowledge and details than pure strategy.

In this Roland Berger case study, convey that you are confident (and competent) in working with the technical details of the case.

Get more out of this case by doing a quick audit of your performance inside the case. What is 1 weakness that you can go after in your practice?

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