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A company has a monopoly selling stock-quote services. A major client has recently withdrawn their business. The quoting company thinks it might be a political move, since they have just been purchased by one of their client’s major competitors.

What should they do?


Start your case study practice by reading through the case intro/prompt. Your client is a company that sells stock quote services. The client wants you to provide a recommendation on what to do in the face of losing a major customer recently.

What framework will help you solve this business problem? You can start with the market study framework, but don’t limit yourself to the basic framework alone. Use your business acuity and case experience to create a custom structure for the case.

The case will help you prep for a first round at Booz Allen. The case has no math exhibits.

Booz Allen Hamilton Interview Tips

Booz Allen prizes excellent presentation and interpersonal skills in its top interview candidates.

BAH weighs personality and communication more heavily than some firms, so make sure you keep that in mind as you work through the case.

After you run through the case (out-loud, preferably), do a quick diagnosis of your performance in the case. Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses, then identify 1 key area that you can address in your case study practice.

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