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Case Study Prompt

Our client is a start-up with the ability to deliver broadband internet to commercial airlines. There is general interest in broadband internet from the airline industry. The start up would have to invest relatively little up front and would keep most of the revenues. They would charge the customers on a per flight pricing model.

How would you help them think about their offering?

Overview of the Case

Start your consulting case practice by reading through the prompt. Your client needs help with a go-to-market strategy. Ready to create one?

You can use the Market Study Framework in your structure for the case, but don’t rely on the basic framework. Business problems are not meant to be forced to fit into the case frameworks. Use your creativity and business acumen to build a structure tailored to the problem in the case.

This consulting case practice is most like a final round BCG case. There are multiple math exhibits in the case (visual representations of data).

BCG Interview Tips

If you want to do well in your BCG interview, showcase that you have the top skills the firm values: structure and communication.

You need to demonstrate that you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of frameworks, and that you can communicate your structure in a clear and concise manner

Take your consulting case practice to the next level by aiming to have a high level of polish as you walk through the case – firms are looking for this in a final round interview.

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