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Case Study Prompt

The CEO of General Motors attended the Detroit car show recently. He was surprised to see that all the models of Volkswagens seemed to have the same steering wheel. They seemed similar in all respects – shape, size, and materials. General Motors, on the other hand, has many different steering wheels for its many cars.

The CEO feels there was merit in reducing the steering wheels on GM cars to one model. He wants you to find out how that can be done.

Case Overview

Start your case study practice by reading through the prompt thoroughly. You’ll find that your client is the CEO of General Motors. The CEO wants to find out how to reduce the GM steering wheel to 1 single model.

You’ll want to build out a custom framework for this unique business problem. Utilize your case and business experience to come up with the structure that will help you best solve the case.

This case is most similar to a first round interview with Kearney. There are no math diagrams inside the case.

Kearney Interview Tips

Kearney expects its case interview candidates to be comfortable working with difficult math.

Not feeling up to spec? Utilize our free math drills to brush up on your mental math.

For the best case study practice, identify 1-2 key areas within the case where there is room for growth. How can you close those gap areas going forward?

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