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Case Preview

Case Prompt

You’ve been hired by a major steel producer – Steelco. In the last two years the steel industry has experienced record profits, meanwhile your client, Steelco, has experienced a 15% decrease in profits.

They want to know why and what to do about it.

Case Interview Overview

In this PwC case interview, your client is a steel producer that is seeing declining profits in an industry that has recently seen record profit growth. You need to dig into the company’s profitability, find the root causes, and develop a strategy to reverse the decline.

We recommend that you implement the Profitability Framework as part of your structure for this case study. However, cases are not meant to be forced to fit into any 1 framework. Get creative and build a custom solution for this case problem.

There is 1 math diagram to be interpreted in this PwC case interview. The case is similar to a case you would be given in a first round interview at PwC.

PwC Interview Tips

PwC looks for candidates with the ability to prioritize what is most important inside business problems.

Are you able to identify key drivers that will help you solve your client’s problem?

Do a self-assessment after you run through this PwC case interview. What is 1 area with room for growth? Make that area a point of emphasis in your case study practice.

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