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Company Case Study Prompt

Our client is a Private Equity company that invests in UK-based mid-size companies. They are considering the acquisition of a British company, Sport Nuts, which operates in the sports-nutrition space. They have asked us to help them assess this opportunity, but time is limited and they would like to have a decision as to whether to acquire or not within a matter of hours.

Sports-nutrition products are protein-based bars, shakes or pills that are used to increase sports performance and build muscle. This is a very new market in the UK. It started only 3 or 4 years ago with bodybuilders. Since then it has spread to athletes and now we are seeing a trend towards casual gym users who use it to help maintain muscle tone and body shape.

The two main questions that need answering are:

  • Is it a good industry to be in?
  • Within this space, is Sport Nuts the right company to invest in?

What approach would you suggest to find out if sports-nutrition is a good industry to be in?

Case Study Overview

This company case study involves a PE company that is looking at the acquisition of a UK-based sports nutrition company. The basic question being asked of you is: Is this a good acquisition? Should your client follow through with the deal?

In M&A cases, keep in mind that there are two types of buyers – corporate and financial. Each have different goals!

Incorporate the M&A Framework into your structure for the case, but remember: don’t force a business problem to fit into a framework. Rather, get creative, use your business and case experience, and create a custom structure tailored to the specifics of the case.

This company case study could be expected in a final round interview at OC&C. The case contains no math exhibits.

OC&C Interview Tips

What is OC&C looking for in its case interview candidates? Practicality and common sense.

Leave the business jargon at the door – the firm is more impressed with a logical problem-solving process than fancy footwork.

To make the most of your practice in this company case study, focus on your communication (are you clear and succinct?) and your overall polish (are you sharp?).

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