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Deloitte Case Study Prompt

A medical equipment manufacturer in the southeastern U.S. has called you in because it feels its working capital requirements are much higher than those of its competitors.

How will you help it solve its problem?

Case Overview

In this Deloitte case study, you are being asked to help a medical company drive costs down. How will you help the client solve their issue?

When creating your framework to solve the problem, it may be helpful to incorporate the Profitability Framework into your structure. However, don’t try to force-fit the case into a basic framework. Your structure should be built specifically for the business problem at hand. Get creative!

This Deloitte case study is most likely similar to a case you would see in a first round interview at Deloitte. The case contains no math charts/graphs to interpret.

Deloitte Interview Tips

What does Deloitte look for in its case interview candidates? An ability to build solid upfront case structures, and present that structure with clarity and brevity.

Make sure you are able to effectively and clearly communicate your structure to an interviewer.

Make the most of this Deloitte case study by doing a quick audit of your performance inside the case. What is 1 weakness that you can go after in your practice?

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