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Case Prompt

Why are soda cans cylindrical?

Case Overview

Market sizing cases are the best way to start off your case interview practice. In this case / Brainteaser, you’re being asked a fun creative question meant to test both your analytical and creative thinking processes. Solve the case by breaking down the solution into component parts.

Follow the 4 steps to solve Market Sizing cases / brainteasers:

  1. Structure your approach (at least 5 steps is ideal)
  2. Make assumptions
  3. Crunch the calculations
  4. Get to an insight

We hope this case makes for fun case interview practice for you – have fun with it! Hint: you’ll find the answer  inside the case study – how did you do in your case interview practice?

This case is something you might see in a round 0 phone interview, or as a smaller component of another case (i.e. an M&A case with a Market Sizing element).

McKinsey Interview Tips

McKinsey values structure and logical-problem process in its case interview candidates.

In this case, make sure you build a structure that is logical and clear.

After you solve the case, assess your performance – how did you do? What is 1 thing you can do to improve next time?

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