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A major U.S. financial services company has just implemented a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

For years, sales teams have maintained client sales information in separate excel spreadsheets. This prevented leadership from having visibility into and a holistic view of sales opportunities, which meant sending multiple requests to sales teams for the latest and greatest information.

The goal of the CRM: To give leadership a real time view into the organization‘s sales channel. By the end of fiscal year, all sales teams are expected to migrate their sales data onto this new system, and use it to manage all sales information.

You are the change management lead for this project. How would you get everyone on the system? Who are the various stakeholders? How would you communicate to these stakeholders?

Case Study Overview

In this Deloitte human capital case study, you are the lead for the implementation of a new CRM system for a financial services company. Your job is to get the organization transitioned into the new system smoothly – how will you achieve this?

This is a Human Capital Case and thus contains an approach much different from your typical strategy case. Here the focus isn‘t so much on the bottom line as it is on the approach needed to manage the proposed changes in the organization. However do not abandon the use of a framework. Structure is just as important when working with human capital as it is with financial capital.

This Deloitte human capital case study will help you prep for a 1st round at Deloitte HC.

Interview Tips: Deloitte Human Capital

What does Deloitte Human Capital value in its case interview candidates? The ability to blend business strategy and HR skills.

In this Deloitte human capital case study, make sure your upfront case structure is sound, and that you convey a high level of comfort with the human relations part of the case.

One more tip: focus on the verbal communication of your structure. Clear communication is critical, especially in an HR/HC environment.

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