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Your client is a global high tech company that is a diversified manufacturer (chips and cell phones for example). The company has decided to enter the Smartcard market.

On Smartcards, there is a computer chip that provides a broad array of functionality. It can process tranThe sactions locally, provides a higher level of security.

The technology is currently used in Europe and a little in Asia, however it is not currently used in the U.S. It can be used for loyalty programs, transit, credit cards, ATM, etc.

The market is currently growing at 25%-30% annually. Client has already determined to enter – only want to know where and why. The client wants to know where specifically in the value chain they should enter.

What are the different parts of the value chain the client could consider entering?

Case Overview

This business case interview involves a tech company that is entering a new market. The company hired you to help identify the specific parts of the value chain to enter.

The Market Study Framework will help you solve the case. However, don’t rely on the basic frameworks in your case interviews. You’ll want to build the best structure possible for the problem at hand, which often means thinking outside the box of the traditional frameworks. Get creative!

This business case interview will help you prepare for a first round interview. The case also contains several exhibits to interpret.

BCG Interview Tips

If you want to successfully pass a BCG interview, you must (at a minimum) demonstrate proficiency in these 2 areas: structure and communication.

Make sure you are strong in both areas in this business case interview. Use our free structure resources for drill-based practice.

In this case, make it a point to come away with 1 opportunity for growth inside the case.

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