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Case Prompt

A small biotech firm has discovered a compound that could cure a potentially fatal disease.

At what price should the firm sell the drug?

Business Case Interview Overview

This business case interview involves a biotech firm that has developed a new drug. Your job is to create a pricing strategy for the drug. What should the firm price the drug?

You can apply the Market Study Framework to help solve the case, but don’t restrict yourself to the basic frameworks. Use your creativity and business acumen to build the best structure for the business problem in the case.

This is a beginner level business case interview that will help you prep for a first round interview. There are no math diagrams in the case.

BCG Interview Tips

If you want to ace your BCG interview, you must demonstrate proficiency in these 2 areas: structure and communication.

Make sure you are strong in both areas.

Make the most of your case practice by identifying 1 area inside the case where there is room for growth.

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