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Case Prompt

Our client is a retail sign manufacturer. In the past month, revenue has gone from $30,000 to $18,000.

Revenues have gone down but the number of sales have gone up.

What’s going on here and what can we do to increase revenues?

Overview of the Case

Before you can solve this case from the consulting case library, you need to understand the problem. Do a thorough read-through of the case prompt before you get started with a structure.

For your case structure, you may apply the Profitability Framework to solve the case, but don’t get stuck on the basic framework. Consulting firms want to see you apply your own business (and case study) experience and create a custom framework tailored to the specific business problem in the case.

Prepping for a first round at McKinsey? This case is good practice for that. There is a case math diagram in the case that you will need to analyze and interpret.

McKinsey Interview Tips

Ace your McKinsey interview by maintaining tight structure (i.e. organization) the entire way through the case. We’re not just talking about the framework, but the math, the brainstorming questions, the presentation, the communication, etc.

McKinsey is renowned for their structure – if you aim to pass the case and land an offer, you will have to demonstrate a grasp of the fundamentals of structuring.

Get more out of this case by doing an audit of your strengths & weaknesses in the case. Find 1-2 areas where there is room for growth, and focus on those areas.

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