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Deloitte Case Study Prompt

Your client is a major window manufacturer with significant share. However, they are looking to grow revenues and have asked for your help.

What framework would you like to use in this case to resolve it?

Case Study Overview

The client in the Deloitte case study is a window manufacturer wanting to increase revenues. How will you solve the case?

You can use the Profitability or Market Study Frameworks to start off your structure for the case, but don’t limit yourself to the basic case frameworks. Apply your knowledge of the frameworks and your own business acumen to create a custom structure most fitted to the case problem.

This Deloitte case study will help you prepare for a Deloitte first round interview. There are no case math exhibits involved.

Deloitte Interview Tips

Ace your Deloitte interview by emphasizing your upfront case structure, and bringing excellent presentation skills to the table.

Deloitte prizes structure and communication/presentation skills in its case interview candidates.

Want 1 more action item that will take your case practice to the next level? Identify 1-2 opportunities for growth inside the Deloitte case study, then make those areas a focus in your future practice sessions.

For expert interview help, book an hour with a case interview coach today.

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