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Need some case interview math practice? This is the case for you. Get started by reading through the case prompt.

Case Study Prompt

Your client is a shipbuilder. Presently, there are a total of three tankers in the world.

The client wants to know if he should build a tanker. What would you advise him?

Case Study Overview

This Strategy& case study involves a ship builder that is considering the idea of building a tanker. Your job is to advise him on the decision – go or no-go?

You can apply the Market Study Framework to help solve this case, but don’t rely solely on 1 single framework. Use your knowledge of the frameworks to blend different frameworks in order to create a custom structure that best fits the case.

This case is similar to one you would see in a second round Strategy& case interview. The case is a good one for case interview math practice – the quantitative difficulty is 3/4, and there are several exhibits to interpret and derive insights from.

Strategy& Interview Tips

Ready to crack your Strategy& interview? Crush your interview by incorporating creativity into your problem solving process.

Don’t lose any structure, but also don’t become a robot presenting information. Creativity + problem solving = very good.

Take your case interview math practice to the next level by doing drill-based practice with our exhibit drills.

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