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Sergeant Slaughter‘s Construction Company is a leading provider of construction and infrastructure materials. It has two divisions: Oil & Gas and Government. The government division‘s main customer is the US Military. Your client is offering construction services to help the US military to build bases. Construction includes dining facilities, dorms, and infrastructure projects for troops around the world.

Each division has its own procurement department. The procurement for the government division spends $6 billion on the items they purchase. They resell those items for a profit to the Government.

The Vice President of procurement for the government division called your consulting firm to advise them on how to spend less money on the purchased items and operate more efficiently.

Accenture Case Study Overview

Ready to crack this Accenture case study? In the case, the “client” is a construction company looking to cut costs in one division. Your job will be to dig into the data, find operating inefficiencies, and provide a strong final recommendation to the client with a strategy for reducing costs.

When building out your structure for the case, feel free to incorporate parts of the Profitability Framework. However, consulting firms want to see you be able to create a custom framework tailored to the specific business situation. Don’t rely exclusively on the basic frameworks.

This Accenture case study is like a case you would get in a first round interview. There are no math exhibits in the case.

Succeed in an Accenture Interview

If you want to succeed in an Accenture interview, you must demonstrate a structured approach to business problems.

Bonus points if you can showcase creativity in your problem-solving process!

Get the most out of this Accenture case study by timing yourself as you run through the case: 2min to build a structure, 2min to present it, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, and 2min for recommendation.

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