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Case Prompt

David Noom (D-IL) was a (fictitious) incumbent United States Senator from Illinois running for re- election. In his last campaign 6 years ago, Noom easily won re-election.

Despite his seniority and solid record of accomplishments, he is in trouble in the upcoming election. His opponent is two-term Republican Congressman John Morris, from the central part of Illinois.

Why is he in trouble? He’s hired you to analyze the situation.

Case Overview

This sample case interview is based in the world of politics. Your client is a fictitious Senator running for re-election. He is running into trouble against his opponent, and wants you to find out why.

Build a custom structure for the problem in this sample case interview. Get creative, use your knowledge of the frameworks, and impress your interviewer!

This sample case interview is good practice for a 1st round interview. The qualitative difficulty score is 2/4, and there are a few math exhibits to be interpreted.

BCG Interview Pointers

If you want to do well in your BCG interview, demonstrate that you are proficient in the areas the firm values: communication and structure.

You need to demonstrate that you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of frameworks, and that you can clearly communicate your structure (communication is especially vital in virtual case interviews).

1 more thing in this sample case interview: after you run through the case (out-loud, preferably!), take inventory of your gap areas. Then, do drill-based practice to double down on those areas. That is the way to case proficiency!

For more guidance, book a session with an expert coach.

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