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Case Interview Prompt

Your client is a financial investor interested in investing in a start-up national security company.

The security company sells and installs alarm systems and then provides monitoring service, patrolling the neighborhood and following up if the alarm goes off.

The client has hired you to size the market and recommend if this is a good investment or not. How would you structure your approach to the problem?

Bain Case Overview

Ready to start your consulting case practice? Let’s dive in. Upon a reading of the prompt, you’ll discover that the client is an investor considering an acquisition of a security company. Your job is to study the market to help determine if the investment will yield a good return.

You may use the Market Study Framework in your structure for the case, but for the best consulting case practice, build a custom framework. Use your prior business experience and your knowledge of the frameworks.

Prepping for a final round Bain interview? With a qualitative difficulty of 3/4, this is good consulting case practice for that. There will be several math exhibits you’ll need to analyze.

How to Crush a Bain Interview

In order to impress in a Bain case interview, demonstrate practicality as you walk through the case.

For example: consider if your structure would actually work in a real-world business environment. Does it translate? Bain has a high value for practicality in its case interview candidates.

Make the most out of your consulting case practice by doing these 2 things:

  1. Time yourself as you go through the case (see Guidance pages for recommended timings)
  2. Emphasize clear and clean communication throughout the case

For more consulting case practice with an expert, consider booking a 1-hour session with a pro interview coach.

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