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Kearney Case Study Prompt

Your client is a school bus manufacturing company that has just been purchased by a leading international truck manufacturing company.

The CEO of the truck company has asked the president of the newly acquired school bus company to improve his organization’s profits.

The president of the school bus company has in turn asked us to help determine what areas will provide the best results.

Case Study Overview

Ready to jump into this Kearney case study? First, read through the prompt. The client in the case is a school bus manufacturer that has just been acquired. The new CEO has asked the client to increase profits – how will you approach the problem?

Use the Profitability Framework to help lay out a framework for the case. That said, don’t limit yourself to any 1 framework. Consulting firms want to see your process for building a unique/custom structure for the problem at hand. This applies whether in a case study or on the job.

This Kearney case study is like what you would see in a a first-round interview. The qualitative aspect of the case is scored at 2/4. There are no math exhibits in the case interview.

Kearney Interview Tips

Succeed in your Kearney case interview by demonstrating comfort with quantitative analysis, and an efficient problem-solving process.

Not feeling so great about your mental math in this Kearney case study? Use these free math drills to improve, or refer to the Mental Math for Consulting course.

Take your practice to the next level, by doing an assessment after you finish the case. What are 1-2 areas of weaknesses in the case for you? Focus on those areas in your future practice.

Book time with an expert coach that can help you refine any gap areas.

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