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Looking for IT case interview examples? Stat with this Booz Allen Hamilton case study.

Case Study Prompt

A commodity petrochemical division has spun off from a major oil company.

  • The parent company has $300B in Sales whereas the new company has $30B in Sales.
  • There is tremendous cost pressure on all areas of operations in the new company.
  • The parent company has an ERP system. The maintenance of the ERP system is outsourced to a US based company.
  • The new company will also need an ERP system.

The new company called ITG group of BAH to look into IT issues and suggest ways to optimize IT expenses.

To the new company, what are the IT issues to separate the ERP system from the parent company?

How would you approach these issues?

Case Study Overview

In this IT case interview example, you are being asked to solve some IT issues for a new petrochemical company. Make sure to read to read the prompt thoroughly so you fully understand the problem.

The Profitability Framework is a good place to start when building out your structure for the case, but don’t restrict yourself to the basic frameworks. Use your own business and knowledge of the frameworks to build a custom structure for the case.

This Booz Allen case has a qualitative difficulty of 2/4, making it most similar to a case you would find in a first round interview. There is 1 math exhibit in the case.

Booz Allen Hamilton Interview Tips

If you want to impress in a Booz Allen Hamilton interview, you have to know what the firm is looking for in its candidates. BAH seeks out strong analytical minds and dynamic interpersonal skills.

If those areas are not your strong suits, consider booking an hour with an expert coach to help iron out any wrinkles before your interview.

Take your case practice a step further by identifying 1 or 2 weak points in the case. Make it a priority to focus on those areas in your practice time.

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