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The client is a $250 million Performance Chemicals division of a $7 billion Specialty Chemicals Company.

The CEO of the parent company has set a “growth agenda”. He believes that his company can become the fastest growing chemical company in the industry and has set a growth target of 10-15%.

The CEO has asked all division business managers to develop growth strategies to support his agenda.

Performance Chemicals’ business manager, like many other managers in the company, does not believe that there is significant untapped potential in the markets served by his unit. The business manager has approached “Strategy Partners” for advice.


In this Oliver Wyman case study interview, the client needs your help to develop a growth strategy for its division. The goal is 10-15% growth (no timeframe specified).

When laying out your structure for the case, you can use the Market Study Framework as a starting place. However, Oliver Wyman is expecting you to work outside the basic frameworks and create a custom structure for the case. Incorporate your own business acumen into creating the best framework for the business problem in the case.

This Oliver Wyman case study interview is like what you would see in a second round at OW. The qualitative difficulty is 3/4. There are several math exhibits you will need to analyze and interpret.

Oliver Wyman Interview Pointers

What does Oliver Wyman look for in its case interview candidates? A logical problem-solving process and math proficiency.

Struggling with the quant portion? Our free math drills may be a helpful resource for you.

Another thing you should do in this Oliver Wyman case study interview is to time yourself as you walk through the case (2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min each for a brainstorming question; 2min for final recommendation). Most case interviews are anywhere from 25-40 minutes long.

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