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Your client is the American Falkin Island Trust (AFIT), a non-profit organization tasked with promoting conservation & eco-tourism of local flora and fauna in the Falkin Islands. AFIT, over the past few years, has been particularly focusing on the Indo-Pacific Southern Rockhopper Penguin, who migrate and live on islands during breeding season.

During annual breeding times, rockhoppers gather in vast, noisy colonies, often numbering in the hundreds of thousands, to construct burrows in the tall tussock grasses near shore. They return to the same breeding ground, and often to the same nest, each year, and usually seek out their previous year’s mate.

Indo-Pacific Southern Rockhopper Penguins are classified as “vulnerable”, and while their populations have been historically stable, they have declined over the past few years.

The Trust requests your help to figure out why the penguin population is declining & what they should do to prevent further decline.

Case Study Overview

This is a unique non-profit case study. Your “client” in the Bridgespan case is a non-profit org requesting your help to stop the decline of the penguin population in the Falkin Islands.

Form a framework for the case tailored to the problem at hand. Don’t rely on a framework you found in a case book, but use your business acumen to build a custom structure.

There are several math diagrams needing to be interpreted in this case. This is an advanced case such as one you might see in a final round at Bridgespan.

Bridgespan Group Interview Tips

To succeed in Bridgespan interviews, emphasize your problem-solving abilities. The firm prizes that in candidates.

Improve upon your casing by coming away with 1 key takeaway or area you can improve in the case.

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