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Case Prompt

Our client is a firm who wants to invest in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer. The client wants to be comfortable that the first year ROI will be higher than 10%, and whether it’s going to be a good investment.

Would this be a good investment? How would we find out?

Case Overview

Case interview practice cases like this are a good way to practice for case interviews. The client here is a firm looking to acquire another company. You’ve been hired to find out if the investment is a good decision. In M&A case interview practice cases, there are 2 types of buyers – corporate vs financial. They each have different goals!

Now it’s time to build your structure for the case. You can use the M&A Framework in this one, but don’t rely on the basic frameworks. Instead, move outside of the frameworks to build a custom structure using your own business acumen and understanding.

This case study will prepare you for a Booz Allen Hamilton final round interview. The qualitative difficulty score is 3/4. There is 1 simple math exhibit you’ll be required to analyze.

Booz Allen Hamilton Interview Tips

What does Booz Allen Hamilton look for in its case interview candidates? Executive presence and communication skills.

If you need help with any of those areas, considering booking a session with an interview coach to help iron out any wrinkles before your interview.

1 more thing for this case: time yourself as you go through the case. Timing guidance is listed on each of the Guidance pages.

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