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Accenture Case Study Prompt

Our client is a leading food company that wants to develop a fresh prepared meal business.

The trend among consumers is toward fresher food with no artificial preservatives or coloring.

Consumers are currently purchasing $5.0B of frozen meals – trend is toward more upscale products.

  • A fresh meal plate combining a protein, vegetable and starch is delicately arranged in a sealed plastic dome package. Nitrogen gas flushing is used to extend shelf life.
  • Product is currently in limited consumer test at $5.50 to $8.50 per meal
  • Shelf life of product is 14 days – product will spoil in 21 days, potentially causing food poisoning

Our client wants to know if they can make money in this business.

Case Study Overview

This Accenture case study involves a food company that wants to enter a new segment of the market. You’ve been given some information to sort through, and now it’s up to you to answer the question: does it make sense to enter the market, and will the company make money if it does?

After you fully understand the problem you are being asked to solve, it’s time to lay out your structure. It’s okay to incorporate the Market Study Framework into your structure, but don’t limit yourself to that basic framework. Build a custom structure tailored to the specifics of the case.

With a qualitative difficulty of 1/4, this Accenture case study is similar to a case you might see in a first round at Accenture. There are no math exhibits in the case.

Accenture Interview Tips

The best way to impress in your Accenture interview is to make sure your structure is thoroughly developed and well thought-out.

Give yourself the best shot at making it to the next round!

Want to take your Accenture case study practice to the next level? Take note of your weak points, and then use our mathexhibit, or structure drills to refine those areas.

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