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Case Preview

This BCG case study is one of my many BCG consulting case studies from the Case Library – start the case by reading through the prompt.

Case Prompt

Our client is a paper manufacturing company. Their product is grease-proof paper which they sell in rolls to “bag converters.”

Bag converters are companies which combine 2-ply paper, popcorn, oil, and a “receptor” to make microwaveable popcorn. (When microwaved, the receptor gets hot and pops the corn.)

Converters supply retailers.

Our company uses wood pulp and chemicals to make paper. A recent innovation at the R&D department has increased the grease resistance of our paper by 10 times.

The client needs help in deciding on whether to switch its production facilities to manufacture this new type of paper.

Case Study Overview

In the case study, the client (a paper manufacturing co) is looking into the viability of changing production facilities. The ultimate goal in a profitability case is – of course – profitability (true for most consulting case studies). Will this potential change result in increased profitability for the company? That’s your job to find out.

After you gain a good grasp of the problem in the case, it is time to lay out your structure (read: framework). For this case, you can use the Profitability Framework, but don’t limit yourself to the basic framework. Use your business smarts to build the best possible structure for the problem at hand in the case.

The case does have a few exhibits to look at and interpret – a good opportunity if you need practice interpreting visual representations of data in a case. The BCG case is most likely one you would see in a first round case interview. The qualitative difficulty of the case is only 2/4.

BCG Interview Tips

Looking to impress in your BCG interview? Then you’ll need to make sure you possess the skills that the firm prioritizes in its case interview candidates: the ability to build great structures that give you the best chance to solve the problem, and clear communication skills.

If you can demonstrate a good understanding of the fundamentals of frameworks, and verbalize that in the case, you should feel confident about your chances of passing the interview.

Make the most out of this case by taking an audit of the areas you struggle in as you walk through the case. You can then use our mathexhibit, or structure drills to double down on those areas.

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