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Case Prompt

Your client, 3COM, has just developed a new product innovation called the Palm Pilot. This is a technological tool that acts as a general organizer for people to plan their time, to-do lists, etc.

How would you go to market with the product?

Case Overview

In this LEK case study interview, the client is a tech firm that has developed a new product and is ready to take it to market. Your task is to develop a go-to-market strategy for the firm.

After you understand the problem you are being asked to solve, it’s time to form a structure for solving the case. Use the Market Study Framework to help create the structure, but the best interview candidates don’t rely solely on the basic frameworks. It’s your chance to get creative! Build the structure that will allow you to best solve the case problem.

The LEK case study interview makes for good first round case practice with a qualitative difficulty score of 1/4. There will be 1 case diagram to interpret.

LEK Interview Tips

Want to impress in your LEK case study interview? LEK places a high value on strategic thinking and clear communication.

Make sure to practice verbalizing your structure, process, and insights in the case to give yourself the best shot at crushing the interview.

As you make your way through the case, take note of the areas you struggle in. You can then use our mathexhibit, or structure drills to strengthen those areas.

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