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Your client is the CEO of a paint manufacturing company. One McKinsey team has previously worked on optimizing their cost structure. The CEO wants to further improve their profitability.

How would you analyze the situation?

Case Overview

Need case interview math practice? This is the case for you. Start by reading through the prompt. In this case, the client is a paint manufacturer that wants to improve profitability. How will you solve the case?

Now it’s time to create a custom structure for the case. You can use the Profitability Framework to help you create the structure, but don’t stop there. Move beyond the basic case interview frameworks and create the best structure possible.

The qualitative difficulty of the case is 3 out of 4, making for a case similar to a case you would see in a second round at McKinsey. There are several math exhibits you’ll need to interpret, making for great case interview math practice.

McKinsey Interview Tips

McKinsey has a high value for start-to-finish structure. Can you stay structured throughout the entire case? If you can, your interviewer will no doubt be impressed.

Make the most out of this case by setting a timer and timing yourself for each section in the case. The Guidance pages have a self-scoring guide with recommended timings.

In addition, pay attention to your overall communication. Make sure you are clear, structured, and polished.

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