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Case Interview Prompt

Our client is the largest North American producer of a certain kind of bubble-pack packaging material.

Our client used to have 100% of the market share, but in recent years, market share has declined to 80%. The CEO is asking your team to understand why this is happening.

How would you begin to assess the future of this client, and what type of recommendations could you make?

Case Overview

Ready to jump into this PwC case interview? You are being asked to find solutions to a market share issue for a North American manufacturer. The company has seen market share erode in recent years, and wants you to help find the root issues and create a strategy to address them.

After reading through the prompt, you’re ready to jump into your structure for the case. You can implement the Market Study Framework as you go about creating your structure, but don’t limit yourself to a singular framework. Build the structure that will most effectively allow you to solve the business problem in the PwC case interview.

This PwC case interview is good practice for a first round interview – the qualitative difficulty of the case is 2 out of 4, but the math is not difficult. There is 1 chart you’ll be asked to interpret in the case (great if you need practice interpreting visual representations of data).

PwC Interview Tips

What makes for a great Pwc case interview? The firm seeks out candidates that are proficient problem-solvers.

If you can highlight your problem-solving skills in the case, you can set yourself up for success (and possibly an offer from PwC!).

As you work through the case, note the parts of the case you struggle with. Once you’ve done an audit, we recommend using our mathexhibit, or structure drills to strengthen those gap areas.

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