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Case Study Prompt

Our client is a US-based orthopedics company that manufactures and markets replacement parts for joints, shoulders, and hips. The company has a global footprint, with yearly revenues of $2bn. They are merging with a European orthopedic manufacturer, with annual revenues of $1.5bn.

You have been hired to assist with post-merger integration issues. How would you approach the risks and opportunities involved for this client?

Case Study Overview

Start this BCG case study by reading through the prompt. In the case, the client is a US orthopedics company that is merging with a foreign orthopedics company. Your job in the case is to asses integration issues, including risk and opportunities for the client. How will you approach the case?

Ready to build your structure for the case? You can incorporate the M&A Framework into your framework, but move beyond just the basic frameworks and create a custom structure that allows you to best solve the case problem.

This is only one of many consulting cases in the Case Library that will prep you for a first round case interview. The qualitative difficulty score for the case is 2/4. You will be asked to interpret 1 math exhibit as well.

BCG Interview Tips

Impress in your BCG interview by homing in on the 2 qualities that BCG most values: an ability to remain structured throughout the case, and excellent communication skills.

Prioritize your structuring and out-loud communication of your process throughout the case, the latter being especially important in virtual case interviews.

In addition, identify 1-2 gap areas (weaknesses), and make a plan to strengthen those areas.

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