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Bain Case Study Prompt

Our client is a natural foods company with annual sales of $35M. It makes and sells a variety of organic bread mixes and is thinking about expanding its product line to include an organic pizza crust mix. It will be a pizza crust mix that customers can bake in their home ovens, as customers seem to be demanding more organic products and more products for their home bread machines.

Regarding distribution, our client is considering selling to gourmet, natural foods, and/or grocery channels. Gourmet and natural foods channels will have higher margins and less competition. Our client already has all the value chain capabilities in place.

In terms of competition, we would be the first to enter the organic pizza crust mix market. However, in the grocery channel market, our client would compete with regular pizza crust products. Additionally, the organic market is highly fragmented.

The VP of Operations has engaged our firm to determine whether our client should create this new organic pizza crust mix product.

Case Study Overview

Ready to dive into this Bain case study? As you read in the prompt, the client is a natural foods company that wants to enter a new market. The company has hired you to help determine whether or not entering the market will increase profitability.

It’s time to create the framework for the case. Incorporate the Market Study Framework into your structure, but don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks. Build a custom framework using creativity and your knowledge of case frameworks.

This Bain case study will prepare you for a first round interview. There are several math charts/graphs you’ll need to examine and interpret. The qualitative difficulty of the case is 2/4.

Bain Interview Tips

Want to impress your Bain interviewer? You need to understand what the firm values – Bain values practicality in its case interview candidates.

Show that you are able to zoom out from the case and bring real-world perspective and experience into the situation.

In addition, try to find 1-2 areas of the case where you have room for growth, and make a plan to work on those areas going forward.

Need help identifying those areas? Book a session with one of MC’s amazing interview coaches today.

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