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Case Prompt

One of the many functions of the New York State Health Commission is to coordinate organ donation amongst the state’s many hospitals. In recent years the demand for organs has been greater than the supply. As a result, many patients die each year because there are not enough organ donations. The Health Commission has hired McKinsey to help it determine how to increase the number of annual organ donations in New York.

In New York, organs will be harvested from terminally ill or injured patients just before death only if they are a registered organ donor or if the hospital receives permission from the next of kin. New York residents may choose to register as organ donors when they apply for a driver’s license.

For the purposes of this case, assume that only New York residents are involved as donors and recipients.

What are the factors and drivers that determine the number of organs donated in New York each year?

McKinsey Case Overview

In this McKinsey case, you are being asked to determine the number of organs donated in the state of New York every year. The client is the state’s health commission. You have been hired because the commission is wanting to increase the annual number of organ donations in the state.

When you are build out your structure for the case, we recommend that you incorporate the Profitability Framework. However, don’t rely solely on just the basic case frameworks. For the best case interview practice, build a custom framework for the case.

This case study will help you prepare for a second-round case interview. The quant portion of the the case is advanced, and there is 1 simple graph that you’ll need to interpret. The qualitative difficulty is 2/4.

McKinsey Interview Tips

McKinsey places a high value on structure. Make sure that you are structured (read: organized) in each section of your interview, beginning-to-end. You can’t over-structure!

Want to take your case interview practice 1 step further? Time yourself in each section of the case – the recommended times are listed on the Guidance pages.

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