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Case Preview

Continue your case study practice with this Deloitte case interview.

Case Study Prompt

Your rich uncle has just passed away and left you with 3 small oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

How do you use the principles of supply and demand to determine how much these oil tankers are worth?

Case Study Overview

In this case, your job is to determine the value of several oil tankers – how will you structure your approach to this problem?

You can use the Profitability Framework to help build a framework for the case, but don’t stop there. For the best case study practice, build a custom structure that will best help you ace the case.

With a qualitative difficulty of 2/4, this case will prepare you for a first round at Deloitte. The case has 1 math exhibit needing to be interpreted.

Deloitte Interview Tips

Want to impress in a Deloitte interview? Recognize what the firm values, and make that a focus in your interview.

Deloitte values solid upfront case structures. Make sure you take the time to build a fundamentally sound structure.

Take your case study practice to the next level by identifying 1 area of growth, and start working to improve in it.

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