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Looking for an Oliver Wyman case study interview to help you get prepped? Check out the prompt below and get started!

Case Prompt

Our client is a bank. Our client is considering opening a location in NYC and wants to measure if there is enough demand to warrant the move. 

How would you determine whether a location in NYC holds enough banking demand to warrant opening a branch?

Case Overview

In this case study, your client is a bank trying to gauge whether or not to open a location in NYC (a new market for them.) They have come to you seeking guidance. It’s up to you to get to know the market, do your research and come back to your client with a solid proposal. 

The Market Study Framework will help you develop a structure for the case, but don’t fool yourself into letting that be enough. Dress to impress by using your knowledge of the basic framework and adding your own creative spin to come up with a solution that is unique to this case.

There is one math exhibit in the case. With a qualitative difficulty score of 2/4, this Oliver Wyman case study interview is a case you will most likely see in an Oliver Wyman first round.

Interview Tips: Oliver Wyman

What does Oliver Wyman look for in its case interview candidates?Human calculators with logical problem solving skills.

If you are struggling with the math portion of the case, our math drills may be a helpful resource for shoring up your quant skills.

As you work through this Oliver Wyman case study interview, find 1 key takeaway or area of improvement and focus on your timing (2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion.)

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