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Our client is an investment management boutique in New York. Investors who are clients at this boutique must invest a minimum of $1,000,000.  

This money is invested by the client’s personal portfolio manager in stocks and bonds, such that the portfolio created is in line with the client’s personal goals.  

Boutiques compete based on level of service, performance, some on price. The price that this boutique charges for portfolio management is 1 basis point plus an annual fee. One basis point = 1/100% of the invested amount. 

The firm recently benchmarked other boutiques and found that their profitability was lower than the competition. What should the investment management boutique do?

Oliver Wyman Case Study Interview Overview

In this case study, you’ve been hired by an investment management boutique to determine why their profitability is lower than the competition. Your job is to dig into profitability, get to know the market and your client and come back with a strategic recommendation to increase their profits quickly. What would you do first?

We recommend using the Profitability Framework to get started on this case, but don’t rest on the framework alone. The most sought after candidates know how to take the framework and blend it with their own business acumen and experience to create a solution tailored to the specific case.

This case has 1 math exhibit to interpret. This is a beginner level case you could expect to see in an Oliver Wyman first round interview.

Oliver Wyman Interview Tips

What does Oliver Wyman look for? High level quant proficiency and logical problem-solving skills.

In this case, focus on coming away with 1 or 2 key takeaways to improve for next time and pay special attention to the quant portion of the interview.

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