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Case Study Prompt

Non-profit organization has seen declining profitability.

Sources of revenue are membership dues, university subsidy, and fiscal sponsorship revenue for accounting services

Costs have been steady across the organization (approximately $1 mil for the entire organization). If an interviewee is interested, the major costs for the organization are almost entirely fixed: labor, rent and utilities, printing a magazine, software licensing, and postage for mailings

Subsidy ($200,000) and Membership ($300,000) revenue streams have been steady and fixed. The fiscal sponsorship revenue has seen a decline ($500,000-400,000).

The organization has asked for our help in determining the reasons for the decline and ideas to improve.

Bain Case Study Overview

in this case from the consulting case library, the client is a non-profit org that has seen a decline in profits. Your job is to dig into the profitability, determine the root cause(s), and recommend a solution to your client.

We recommend that you apply the Profitability Framework as you lay out your structure for the case, but don’t restrict yourself to that framework alone. Get creative in this portion of the case and build a custom structure that will best solve the business problem in the case study.

This Bain case study will prep you for a first round case interview. The case doesn’t involve any math exhibits.

Bain Interview Tips

What does Bain look for in its candidates? Practicality.

A helpful way to build a structure is to imagine yourself as a Project Manager having to assign out work-streams to a team of analysts.

If you need help brushing up your structuring, book a session with an ex-MBB coach today.

Get the most out of your case practice by scoring yourself in each part of the case. After that, identify a few areas that you can improve upon moving forward.

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