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Case Study Prompt

Your client is the CEO of a publishing company that produces a line of educational magazines as well as a line of women’s magazines.  Both businesses are profitable but are not growing quickly.  

He wants to start a third monthly magazine in the US targeted at 30-50 year old men (e.g. GQ Magazine).  His stated goal is to generate circulation revenues of $10 million in the first year.  

He has hired you to figure out whether this is possible. How would you approach the problem?

PwC Case Interview Overview

In this case study, your client is a magazine publisher with two magazine lines that is considering adding a third. They have come to you with a definite goal of adding $10 million in revenues the first year. Your job is to dive into the market, do the research and get to know your client. Can you give the CEO a solid recommendation and help him determine whether or not his goal is possible?

We recommend using the Market Study (market entry) Framework to solve this Pwc case interview. It’s a good place to start, but don’t finish there. Take the framework and add your own flair to it – making it fit this specific case and adding in your own personal business experience to find the best answer.

There is one math exhibits in this case. This a beginner level case interview with a qualitative difficulty score of 1 out of 4. This PwC case interview is similar to what you would find in a first round interview.

PwC Interview Tips

PwC is looking for candidates with the ability to prioritize what is most important inside the case. As you practice this case and other types of case study, be sure to strengthen your ability to identify key drivers that will help you answer your client’s burning question.

As you work through this case, make it a point to find one or two key takeaways where you can improve for next time.

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