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BCG Case Study Prompt

Your client is a utility company who provides electricity and gas to a region in New England. They are a monopoly provider.  

They send out service men monthly to read both the electric and gas meters at each residence.  

Currently, 200 small water companies service this region. Each small town owns its own water company.

Would it be worthwhile for your client to also offer the reading of water meters?

How would you approach this problem?

Case Overview

Your client in this BCG case study is a utility company wondering if they should jump into a new market – reading water meters. There seems to be a large market for it in the area, but it’s your job to dig into profitability and the market to help your client determine their next steps.

We recommend using the Profitability Framework to create your structure for the case, but don’t stop there. Show them what you’ve got and take your knowledge of structures and your own business acumen to build your own unique solution to this case. The most sought after candidates show extra initiative and creativity.

This BCS case study has one math exhibit and with a qualitative difficulty of 2 out of 4 this is an intermediate-level case you could expect in a BCG 1st round.

Interview Tips: BCG

BCG is looking for 2 things: high-level structure, and clear communication of that structure.

Make sure your structure is sound and practice communicating out loud to be fully prepared.

To get the most out of this case:

  • Focus on timing yourself as you go through the case: 4min to build and present your structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for final recommendation.
  • Come away with one key area you can improve next time.

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