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KPMG Case Study Prompt

Napoleon’s Pizza Pies (Pizza fit for an Emperor) has recently tried to establish the best home pizza delivery business in Paris. Pizza Hut, however, has a virtual monopoly on the pizza home delivery market. 

Percentage of Pizza Hut‘s business that is delivery is ~50%. Almost 90% of deliveries take place outside the city center. City center Pizza Hut stores offer predominantly restaurant service. The market for pizza is growing at 5% annually.  The submarket for pizza delivery is growing at 8%

Napoleon’s has asked your consulting firm to analyze the issues that will determine the likelihood of successful entry in the Parisian pizza market.

Case Overview

In this KPMG case study, your client is considering entering a new market where there is steep competition. They are looking to you to come up with a sound recommendation that will lead to increased profits. It’s your job to dig into the market, do your research and come back with a solid yes or no for the question of whether or not they should enter the pizza home delivery market.

We recommend using the Market Study Framework for this case, but go one step further and challenge yourself to use your knowledge of the basic frameworks and business smarts to create a custom framework tailored to the case.

This KPMG case study has a qualitative difficulty of 3/4 and is one you would most likely see in a second round interview. The case has two math diagrams.

KPMG Interview Tips

KPMG is looking for compatibility with their culture and technical knowledge in their candidates. Their interview process will test your compatibility as much as your business acumen.

To that end, make sure you stay engaged and don’t phone this one in.

Make the most of this KPMG case study by:

  • Identifying 1 area of weakness that you can work on going forward
  • Timing yourself as you present (2min for structure, 5min for math, 2min for brainstorming, 2min for conclusion)
  • Focus on your presentation and polish overall

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