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Case Study Prompt

The client is a pharmaceutical company with manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico and other locations. The client recently undertook a benchmarking exercise. They observed that one particular plant had very high per unit costs.

This plant produced only one type of drug in three different types of packaging. This drug requires a unique manufacturing process. It is an OTC drug.

The management is trying to figure out what is driving such high unit costs and then what could be done about it.

What is driving such high unit costs and what could be done about it? What framework would you use to approach this problem?

Case Study Overview

Management case studies like this in the ClearView Healthcare Partners case style will help you prep for upcoming case interviews.

The client in this case is a pharma company that manufacturers different types of drugs. One plant has high per unit costs. You’ve been hired to determine the drivers of the per unit costs and how to reduce them.

Don’t get trapped into the mindset that you can only use 1 framework to solve the case. Get creative and combine your experience with the case frameworks with your business knowledge to create the best structure for the problem in front of you.

There are no exhibits in the case. The qualitative difficulty score for this case is 2 out of 4, making it similar to a case study you could expect in a first round at ClearView.

ClearView Interview Tips

ClearView values high-level presentation and interpersonal skills in its case interview candidates.

In this case, practice bringing executive presence to the table (does your confidence come across to the interviewer?).

Make the most of your time with this case by grading yourself in each section of the case (1-4). What area(s) need refining? Work on those for the future.

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