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Case Study Prompt

Your client is a consumer packaged goods company, located in Massachusetts, US. They manufacture and sell two mosquito repellent products.

One of them is an esthetic/decorative product to be used outside, e.g. on a balcony or a porch, and the other is a mosquito swatter/zapper (a simple racket). The client manufactures the products outside of the US and sells them in the US.

The first product needs oil to burn certain substances that keep mosquitoes away, while the second product requires precision and speed in user’s hands.

The client is experiencing a decline in margins and would like to understand why. They’re looking for three to four ideas on how to boost the margins.

Accenture Case Study Overview

This Accenture case study involves a CPG co that manufactures mosquito repellent products. The company has seen profitability declining and wants to find out why. Your job is to look into the profitability, find the root causes, and come to the company with 3-4 ideas to boost profits.

We recommend that you apply the Profitability Framework as you lay out your structure for the case, but don’t restrict yourself to that framework alone. Get creative in this portion of the case and build a custom structure that will best solve the business problem in the case study.

This Accenture case study has a qualitative difficulty of 2/4, good to help you prep for your Accenture case interview. No math diagrams are involved in the case.

Accenture Interview Tips

Accenture is looking for candidates that are structured (not rigid) in their approaches to business problems, and bring a knack for creativity into their casing.

You might think that structure and creativity don’t belong together, and while it can be a balancing act, Accenture prizes the ability to keep the two in tension.

Maximize your case practice by scoring yourself in each section (out of 4). Follow that up by identifying a few areas that you can work on improving upon going forward.

Consider booking a session or two of out-loud case practice with an ex-MBB interview coach.

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