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Case Study Prompt

Your client is pharmaceutical company called Medtric that has been developing products for mild to moderate Type-II Diabetes Melitus (Type-II DM).

The two main products the client is considering are a drug and an at-home diagnostic test for moderate to severe Type-II DM. The drug would help reduce symptoms and the home diagnostic test is a mobile-phone add on that will help patients monitor their blood sugar level, body weight, sleep, exercise, and cardiac function.

This device uses a machine learning algorithm and links with a phone app to maintain a record of the patient’s blood sugar levels without need of a pinprick, maintain a medication schedule (with reminders), provide recommendations for diet and sugar intake (from a picture of the food), and gives reminders for exercise and health checkups.

The client wants your help to estimate the size of both markets that they can capture.

Case Study Overview

In this case, your client is a pharma firm that wants to know the market size for several new products in development.

There are 2 ways to solve a Market Sizing case. You can take either a top-down or bottom-up approach. Which angle will help you best solve the problem for the client? Follow these 4 steps for solving Market Sizing cases:

  1. Structure your approach (at least 5 steps is ideal)
  2. Make assumptions
  3. Do the calculations
  4. Get to an insight

LEK Interview Tips

LEK look for in its case interview candidates? An ability to think strategically.

Make sure to put on your strategy hat for this one and dazzle the firm!

Improve upon your casing by coming away with 1 key takeaway or area you can improve in the case.

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