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The client is a large media company with holdings in television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The circulation at the company’s flagship regional publication is declining, in spite of the fact that the population in its target region is growing rapidly

They have hired you to find a killer idea to substantially boost revenue by appealing to the unmet needs of consumers and advertisers.

The duration of the project is 6 months – October 1 to April 1.

Develop a project team outline and project plan to substantially boost revenue by appealing to the unmet needs of consumers and advertisers.

Human Capital Case Study (Deloitte) Overview

In this human capital case study (Deloitte), the client is a media company that is experiencing declining publication (correlated to profitability). You’ve been brought in to research a new idea that will boost revenues over the course of 6 months. Your job is to create a plan for the company to follow that will achieve the new goals that have been set.

In this case, build the structure that will be most effective in helping you solve the case. Due to the nature of human capital cases, you will need to use your business acumen and experience with the case interview frameworks to build an effective structure.

This Deloitte human capital case study has 1 exhibit to be interpreted. With a qualitative difficulty of 2/4, you could expect to see this case in a Deloitte Human Capital first round interview.

Deloitte HC Interview Tips

Deloitte Human Capital prizes candidates that have both business strategy and HR skills.

This case is an opportunity to showcase that you have what it takes to crush it at Deloitte HC!

In this case, identify 1 takeaway or area for improvement that you can work on.

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