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PST Instructions

  • Time and length: 20 minutes to answer 30 questions
  • Calculators are allowed
  • Your objective should be to answer as many questions correctly and as few questions incorrectly as possible in the time available
  • Incorrect answers will be penalized a full point (+1 point for every correct answer, -1 point for every incorrect answer, no point impact for unanswered questions)
  • Do not dwell on troublesome questions – keep moving through the test and return to unanswered questions later
  • Do not necessarily expect to complete all questions
  • Return this test booklet with your answer sheet at the end of the test
  • Good luck!

PST Overview

In this McKinsey PST (Problem Solving Test), you are being asked to answer as many tough questions in 20 minutes as you can.

PSTs are meant to test how you approach problem solving and how well you can size up a situation. The goal isn’t necessarily to answer every single question, but to give it your best shot in the time allotted.

McKinsey PST Tips

Unlike case interviews, you can use a calculator in Problem Solving Tests. Use that to your advantage!

Pro tip: the answer key is at the end of the PST. Score yourself and see how you well you did. The target score is typically 70% or better.

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