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As they pair together for a joint venture named Intelisoft, a new translation software company, Sheila Mason and Craig Shepherd find themselves in a complex transitional phase with their existing employers. Sheila Mason is a director at ATS and Craig Shepherd is a director at Nova.

Mason has questioned the potential of a conflict of interest between her new venture and her role at ATS. She has convinced herself that as the venture was not something that ATS had been involved with, the conflict of interest would be minimized. Seeing as the idea had originated with Shepherd, Mason felt further assured of this and was unconcerned that she would have to disclose his side of the venture with ATS.

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Human Capital Case Study (Deloitte) Overview

In this human capital case study (Deloitte), make sure to read the prompt carefully so you fully understand the problem you are being asked to solve. The prompt in this case is a long one – don’t miss any key details you might need to solve the case.

Due to the nature of human capital cases, you will have to get creative with your structure. Pick and choose from the basic frameworks in order to create the structure that will be most effective in helping you solve the problem in the case.

This Deloitte human capital case study has no math diagrams. With a qualitative difficulty of 3/4, you could expect to see this case in a Deloitte Human Capital second round interview.

Deloitte HC Interview Tips

What does Deloitte Human Capital value in its case interview candidates? The ability to showcase both business strategy and HR skills.

MC’s YouTube channel has a playlist of case interview walkthroughs, including a Deloitte HC case – view here.

In this case, do these 2 things:

  • Focus on clear and succinct communication as you walk through the case
  • Set a timer for each section of the case: 2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min each for a brainstorming question; 2min for final recommendation

Getting stuck? Schedule a session with an MC coach today to help you get unstuck.

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