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Case Study Prompt

Your firm has been approached by a client who is a rich investor. The client has made money through selling his software company and has recently decided to invest in the South Asian stock market through the firm MarketCaptain – specifically in the areas of Life Sciences and Biotech.

For every transaction made in the South Asian stock market, MarketCaptain will make a percent commission for help choosing the stock options and for providing necessary liquidity and orderly market action.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a dip in South Asian stock market, the client believes that the South Asian markets have recovered enough from the 2020 financial dip to warrant an investment. Specifically, the client believes that increasing vaccine dissemination and falling COVID diagnosis and death rates are definite signs that markets – and especially the Life Sciences and Biotech industries – will see an uptick in gains. The client is convinced that the huge amount of scientific research and breakthroughs taking place in South Asia, along with cheaper manufacturing costs, making it a great investment opportunity.

The client does not know which sectors of Life Sciences & Biotech to invest in and has hired your firm to advise him how and where to invest his money in the following four categories: Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, & Digital Health.

Our client’s goal is to have a positive NPV investment, and thus he wants to only focus on one investment area to limit distractions and ensure the investment is fruitful.

What are the factors that you would consider for the client?

Case Study Overview

In this finance case study, your client is an investor that has hired you for investment help. He wants your recommendations on how and where to invest. How will you approach the task?

When considering a structure for the case problem, use a combination of your business experience and what you’ve practiced with frameworks to create a unique structure tailored to this case.

There are several charts/graphs you’ll need to interpret inside the case that will help inform your recommendation. This is an advanced case study such as one you would see in a Kearney final round case interview.

Kearney Interview Tips

What does Kearney look for in its case interview candidates? A high degree of comfort with numbers and an ability to problem-solve like a boss.

Make sure your mental math is sharp, and you are comfortable with problem-solving.

For this case, make a point to come away with 2-3 takeaways or areas you can improve.

For out-loud practice with an expert, book an hour with an ex-MBB coach.

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