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Your client is a private company that manufactures switches for machine tools.  The switches serve one purpose:  to stop the machine instantly.  Failure to do so may result in damage to the machine and/or the machine operator.

We have been given constraints for our analysis: 

  • No changes can be made to the product line
  • You only have your current customers
  • No international expansion

Given the constraints, how can the company make more money?

BCG Case Study Overview

In this BCG case study, you have been brought in by the client to help them assess ways to increase revenue with the given list of constraints that may proclude some of the typical ways you would go about this. It’s your job to dig into the data, get to know the company and come back to them with a solid, strategic recommendation.

We recommend using the Profitability framework to work on this case, but don’t stop there. Take the basic framework and add your own creativity and business acumen to it to develop a solution that is specific to this case and will be most beneficial for your client.

Overall, the case has a qualitative difficulty of 3 out of 4, making this an advanced-level case you could expect in a BCG final round.

Interview Tips: BCG

What does BCG look for in it’s candidates? The ability to build logical structures and excellent communication skills.

Dig into what you know about Profitability to come up with something that will have real-life application.

To make the most out of this BCG case study, focus on your overall communication and polish. Be ready to impress your interviewer with how you present your finding.

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