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Case Interview Prompt

Your client is a London Museum which has an “encyclopedic” range of attractions. They receive 5M visitors a year and currently break even with 50M £ of revenues and costs.

The government has told them that they are withdrawing 5M £ of funding next year and the museum has hired us in to look at some of their costs and revenues streams.

The client has hired you to improve their profitability. How would you approach this problem?

Case Study Overview

For the most quality case interview practice, make sure to carefully read the case prompt to get a full picture of the case problem. The client in the case is a museum that has just been informed that the government is pulling a portion of its funding in 1 year. You’ve been hired to help the client improve profitability in anticipation of the loss in funding.

The Profitability Framework will help you create a basic framework for the case, but don’t pigeonhole yourself into the basic frameworks. Combine your knowledge of the frameworks to build the structure that will most effectively solve the problem in the case.

The qualitative difficulty of the case is 2 out of 4, making it a case study you would see in a first round at McKinsey. There are no charts/graphs in the case.

McKinsey Interview Tips

McKinsey places a high value on candidates that are super-structured (i.e. organized).

In the case, focus on maintaining structure the entire way through the case. A structured approach is about much more than the framework!

Make the most of your case interview practice by identifying 1 area of weakness that you can work on going forward.

In addition, time yourself throughout the case (2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min each for a brainstorming question; 2min for presentation).

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