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This OC&C case will provide quality case interview practice. Put your skills to the test.

Case Interview Prompt

The business we are talking about is the London Millennium Dome. The Dome is a large recreational and leisure experience facility in Greenwich in London. The facility consists basically of a large tent. Inside the tent there are 17 “Zones” each of which has a different theme, and each of which is sponsored by a different company. Sponsors have full creative control over their exhibits, and some zones are extremely popular while
others are less popular.

The Dome is suffering from significant financial problems as well as a large amount of negative publicity. We have been appointed by the UK government to come up with a solution for how to turn this thing around. To make matters worse, the facility has a “life” of one year, and will be closed in 10 months.

The main purpose of this case is to come up with the plan for how to turn this thing around.

How would you approach this problem?

Case Study Overview

Ready to kick-off your case interview practice? Start by reading through the case study prompt to get a clear understanding of the problem you are being tasked to solve.

In this OC&C case study, the client is a large recreational/leisure facility in London. The profitability has seen significant hits recently. Your job is to dig into the financial data and determine how to turn the business around.

The Profitability Framework will provide a good starting place for your structure. However, for the best case interview practice, don’t limit yourself to the basic frameworks – practice blending parts of different frameworks to create the optimal structure to solve the case problem.

The qualitative difficulty of the case is 3 out of 4, making it an advanced-level case you would see in a final round at OC&C. There are several charts/graphs that you’ll need to interpret.

OC&C Interview Pointers

OC&C is looking for logic-driven candidates with good business sense.

Keep your process simple as you go through the case. Stick to basic business principles if you want to impress in your OC&C interview!

Make the most of your case interview practice by focusing on your overall communication and polish in the case. Are you clear, structured, and succinct?

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