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Case Study Prompt

Your client is a U.S. Textile Manufacturer. Your client had $250 million in sales last year. They have recently developed a new technology for making Lithium Ion battery separators.

  • Battery separators are an integral part of the lithium ion batteries. They need to be thin and provide a medium for charged particles to pass between the cathode and anode (positive and negative terminals).
  • Your client has no prior experience or knowledge of the battery separator market
  • No current patent, but we can get a patent on our technology.
  • We do not know if our technology is better than existing technology.
  • Safety is a big issue in this industry and so there is a very expensive 1-year certification process

Is this an attractive industry? And should your client enter the market?

Case Study Overview

The client in this BCG case is a US textiles manufacturer that has developed a new technology that it is looking to bring to market. Is the move a good decision? Will it be profitable? Your job is to advise the company on the decision – go or no-go?

We recommend using the Market Study Framework to structure your approach to the case, but don’t rely too heavily on 1 singular framework. Use your knowledge of the frameworks to build the structure that will be most effective in solving the case. Custom structure > basic frameworks.

The case interview math will be no walk in the park. Make sure your quant skills are up to par! With several case interview math exhibits in the case study, your ability to interpret exhibits will be put to the test. And with a qualitative difficulty score of 3 out of 4, this case study is similar to a final-round interview at BCG.

BCG Interview Tips

BCG is really focused on 2 qualities in its case interview candidates: an ability to remain structured throughout the case, and fine-tuned communication skills.

In this case, emphasize your structuring and out-loud communication of your process throughout the case.

To get the most out of this case study, focus on 2 things:

  • Your overall communication – is it clear, structured, and polished?
  • Timing yourself through each section of the case: 2min to build structure and 2min to present it; 2min each for a brainstorming question; 2min for recommendation

For advanced case interview math practice, book a coaching session with an expert today.

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